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Data Wiper

Data Wiper

Data wiping software completely wipes traces of your internet files (cookies, history, typed URLs, temporary files), system files (recycle bin, windows event logs, clipboard content), application files (MS Access, MS excel, MS word, media player) and removes unused disk space for better system performance.

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Software destructive wiping mode wipes entire hard disk (both saved and unsaved data) drive or selected sector range for OS reinstallation.

Product Screenshot :
Data Wiper

Data Wiper Software
Software Features:

» Software provides maximum security by wiping all the private and confidential files.
» Software wipes data by using wiping algorithm like Zero fill, any char fill, Random fill and Peter Guttman.
» Supports both destructive and non destructive wiping mode.
» File eraser software is efficient and inexpensive.
» Software rapidly wipes entire disk drive using destructive wiping mode.

  Do you want to wipe completely?
  • Unused free disk space.
  • Entire hard disk data.
  • External storage media like pen drive, USB drive, memory stick, jump drive, key chain drive etc.
  • Multiple files and directories from the hard drive.
  • System files (recycle bin, administrator’s files, windows event log etc.)
  • Application files (MS access, MS excel, word pad, MS power point, media player etc.)
  • Internet files (cookies, cache, history, typed URL’s etc.)
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