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MSSQL to MySQL Database Converter Screenshots

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Establish connection

Enter required details to establish connection between MS SQL and MySQL Server.

Select your table attributes
Select your table attributes including-
  1. Converting table(s) definitions only
  2. Skip converting indexes
  3. Converting views
  4. Converting stored procedures
Select MS SQL Database

Choose your database from left panel, select schema either manually or automatically. From the right panel, select tables and write name for destination database. Click on "Convert" to proceed.

Demonstration of Manual schema selection

In above screen demonstration of Manual schema selection option is chosen (e.g. - salary).

Select views from a list

If you want to convert views, add views to right panel and click on "Confirm" button.

Database conversion is in progress

Screenshots shows progress bar of database conversion process.

MS SQL to MySQL Conversion completed successfully

After completion of database conversion process - "MS SQL to MySQL Conversion completed successfully" message will display.